ATTENTION: Exisiting State Militia Groups

Education is the key to Victory over the communist!

ATT: Militias, patriot groups, citizens, civilians, and inhabitants! How are your constitutional rights working for you?

You are organizing and standing under the foreign-owned and foreign controlled U.S. Corporation and its political subdivisions, masquerading as nation States. You have no rights as citizens or Inhabitants under the U.S. and state Constitutions.  You have no legal standing; you have no rights!

Many patriots believe that state capitol buildings are publicly owned, including the U.S. Capitol Building in Washington D.C. (District of Columbia 10 square miles is foreign-owned and controlled)

On January 6th 2021, patriots and supporters of Donald J. Trump were set up by U.S. de-facto government agents, police, and other political parties, which resulted in what is now called a “Capitol Attack.” These de-facto foreign agents, acting as law enforcement, did in fact broadcast to the patriots even before they entered the Capitol building “Disperse…This is an Un-Lawful Assembly.” They in fact were telling the truth. Assemblies have common interests spelled out in social compacts signed by their membership. You have no rights! You have no standing! You’re not privy to their Constitution! You never signed it!

In order to restore your unalienable rights, you must remove yourself from the U.S. Corporation and political subdivisions, acting as States of the Union. In addition, you need to remove your Militia group and business dealings into a Private Membership Association, removing it from the U.S Corporate and state franchise jurisdiction, no longer subject to its statues and codes.

Properly structured militias enjoy these benefit:

-24-7, 365 days a year right to carry!


-No State egress and ingress restrictions!

-Creates Foreign Jurisdictional to foreign U.S.  Corp and its political subdivisions masquerading as nation States!

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The Evil Globalist Communist Party wants to turn America into a Third World Nation, and they threaten us with poverty, slavery, and death. We are all in this together. Contact the Continental Army by email, and we will provide assistance and educational material to all members of existing State Militia Groups. With God on our side who could possibly be against us? 

Think about it!! Lets Roll!!!!