About Continental Army 1775-

As America’s original expeditionary force since 1775, the American Continental Army under civilian control, was the last line of defense against all globalist enemies, foreign and domestic, who threaten the security of the States of The United States of America, the organic perpetual union under the original Articles of Confederation of 1781.  Articles of Confederation of 1781 as amended 05-20-2013

The United States of America and its “Sovereign States” face an existential threat from the United Nations Globalist Communist New World Order. Our globalist enemy has “Declared War” on the civilian inhabitant populace, with a stated goal of one-world government, one-world religion, and a total worldwide population of 500 million people, that’s a reduction from 8 billion. Declaration of Independence as amended 12-03-2012 

Your LIFE, FREEDOM, INDEPENDENCE, HUMAN RIGHTS, CIVIL RIGHTS, PERSONAL PROPERTY RIGHTS, ANY AND ALL RIGHTS AND PEROGITIVES are under siege by foreign-owned, communist corporations masquerading as nation states.

Life as you know it is over; the enemy’s plan to turn America into a third world nation is in motion. The Continental Army has other plans, and as in 1775, with the help of the civilians, “equating to the largest, most well-armed army in the world,” our message is the same as it was in 1775,


Our Journey to Independence