Announcing the Civilian Continental Guard

WHEREAS the Civilian Continental Guard, just as in 1775, is the last line of defense against the evil forces of tyranny! In fact, civilians have always been and are to this day militia! Militia are the true ELECTORS of all local governments, including county, State, and federal, as written in every organic State’s Constitution. (Fl article 6)

The National Guard is not the militia; they are a U.S. Federal illegal occupying force operating within the metes and bounds and seaward boundaries of The United States of America in violation of International Law.

WHEREAS the civilian inhabitant populace, you, the Civilian Continental Guard of The United States of America equates to the largest well-armed, free-standing army in the worldthe best way to preserve peace and freedom for our children is by organizing and praying for peace while preparing for war!

WHEREAS the civilians as in 1775, play a critical role in our nations freedom, providing logistics, supplies, local Intelligence, housing, medical aid, and support to the Continental Army while serving as last line defense against evil forces during war time, government coup, state of emergency, and natural disaster.

the Civilian Continental Guard Application

WHEREAS civilians with skills and services from all sectors and walks of life including, but not limited to skilled laborers, healthcare workers, construction, farmers, doctors, nurses, WHEREAS all business professionals, stay at home families, and teachers are urged to embrace the responsibility duty and obligation of that what you already are and join the Civilian Continental Guard.

WHEREAS all civilian continental guard will take an oath at the county and state level and agree to come under The Continental Army as in 1775, during state of emergencies, natural disasters and wartime.

WHEREAS The Civilian Guard will be issued local county, state militia IDs and approved to carry arms at all times. The Civilian Guard will elect a commanding officer for each county, responsible for communication with surrounding county Captains to organize, recruit, communicate and report to elected State Commanders.

WHEREAS this is your CALL OF DUTY Re-Claim your freedom and stand together against all enemies, foreign and domestic, the globalist communist deep state operatives who have declared war, committed treason and war crimes against the civilian inhabitant populace and our beloved country, The United States of America, If we come together the enemy will run back to the underworld and corners of darkness. What we do is in service to others and self, what we do we do for love and our children’s future.