Neighbors helping Neighbors

 Join the grass roots movement and Community outreach!

For those who choose not to serve in the Militia – Civilian Continental Guard, you can still serve your communities, families, and country in various community outreach initiatives.

Communities need access to clean potable water, quality food, safe roads, and secure utilities to ensure our neighbors continue to thrive and can help one another in times of crisis. Positions will be available from road repair to supply chain preservation, to distribution at local access points. It will take more than a village! It will take a dedicated people with the knowledge and skill sets to make it happen for everyone.

It’s true, entrusted agencies, in some cases, have worked actively against the people, with pay for play schemes and profiteering structures to damage the health and safety of the populace. Tribunals have met, criminals were named, sentences have issued! The damage is done!

Let the rebuild begin!

In America, we don’t relent; we don’t lay down and cry; we get up and take care of our own needs, AND yes, we help our neighbors!

In addition to serving locally, you may apply within the Government of The United States of America. Many of the positions are paid, you are urged to complete basic application “skills assessment” so we can assess what department would be the best fit.